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2014 Protons Expand Success

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

JimTuggeyJim Tuggey here on February 28th 2014. When you look at the spread of Proton facilities in our country and recognize the growing company of other Proton Centers that exist in other countries, it really weakens the case for the “Naysayers”. I have no cancer in my “prostate” and can round up quite a list of men who have had the same success with the “Proton”. That does not even take into account the other successes using Protons that are not Prostate issues but a much wider scope of challenges that have been met for men and women! My colleagues and I delight in the fact that Loma Linda met the challenge when so many expressed doubt. I think I counted nineteen Proton centers in our country  and more to come.

Universal Treatment of Choice for Prostate Cancer

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

One UK Surgeon says: “Proton beam will be the universal treatment of choice for prostate cancer in ten-year’s time”. [BOB tales for October 2013]

Despite regular attacks, Bob Marckini notes that “we represent about two-thirds of the men alive who have had proton therapy for their prostate cancer.”

Well, November again and I’m personally happy to be here in the USA and know that the “Proton” was the answer for me in 1999.

I count thirteen Proton centers in the latest BOB report. You may be surprised at locations for some of them i.e.:

  • McLaren Proton Therapy Center, Flint MI
  • Rinecker Proton Therapy Center. Munich Germany
  • National CancerCenter/Proton Beam Therapy Center. Seoul, Korea.
  • ProCure Proton Therapy Centers in Warrenville, IL., Oklahoma City, Seattle WA, Somerset, NJ

Great to have smart people join the Proton team.

The Dutch Are Embracing Protons

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Bob Marckini revealed that the Dutch Government plans to build FOUR Proton Therapy Centers in the Netherlands. They report that the essence of the use of Protons will be where they have proven effective and that includes, head-and-neck, breast, lung, and prostate tumors. To me it appears that the Dutch are aware of value where it is evident, and they are moving to save some lives and improve the methods to achieve this goal.

And – Ohio plans to build a Proton Center in Dayton, as well as one in Miami Township.

Be sure to find a copy of Bob Tales (a monthly newletter) that will help you understand how important the “Proton” is today and will be in the future.

My friend Bob Marckini knows what he is publishing in his “BOB Tales” and believe me you need to know that my comments above were generated directly from the research and follow-up by the Marckini, Bob and Deb team.

In 1958 I was fortunate to command a Helicopter Company in Fort Sill, Oklahoma that taught me to always try to find an answer that is truthfull and will help others.


Thank you for reading. Keep looking at the many “Videos” on this site – I always learn a lot from them.

At Long Last – A Proton Treatment Center Coming to Dallas

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Today in Dallas, Texas comes news of a proposal to build a Dallas Proton Treatment Center that is estimated to provide proton treatment to 2,000 patients annually.

This will be a long overdue gain for Dallas and treatments would be slated to begin in 2016 when the facility is completed.

I often forget that my Prostate was a “Cancer” problem and that the Loma Linda Proton treatment facility’s capabilities in Loma Linda California was the answer in 1999.

For over fourteen years since my Proton Treatment I have held a PSA of 0.1, down from my PSA of 15.9 in 1999 before my proton treatment started. This week I had a final check with my Urologist in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and he sent me on my way after a final visit. Always makes an eighty-three year old happy.

You can read about this Dallas Proton facility in today’s Section B of the Dallas Morning News, September 3, 2013. Scott Goldstein, staff writer.

Aside from proton center development, the usual debates are going on that try to denigrate the value of “Proton Therapy”. The over 50 men that I have personally sponsored since early 2000 are happy with their treatment and it is amazing that Loma Linda has been successful with Protons in over 6,000 men.

Thank you for reading. Keep looking at the many “Videos” on this site – I always learn a lot from them.

Let’s Get the Word Out

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

The older I get, the faster time whizzes by. I often forget that my Prostate was a “Cancer” problem and that Loma Linda Proton treatment was the answer in 1999.

Since then I have managed to pass a test with M D Anderson Cancer Center for “Cancer of the Tongue”. This experience began in April 2011 and while I finished Radiation and Chemo in May 2011, the beat goes on as the experts at MD Anderson look forward to a five year success story. In fact I will be at their site on July 31st, 2013 for a follow-up.

I visited my Texas Urologist last week and he told me that everything was fine and sent me on my way after a routine visit.

Meanwhile, I continue to hear stories like this one:

“A co-worker of mine in Atlanta relayed this story, which is a stark reminder of how stuck in the mud some doctors are on the topic of Protons. After being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, my co-worker started working on a treatment plan with his Urologist. After learning and researching information about Proton Therapy, my co-worker raised this as an option with his doctor. His doctor became very flustered and questioned his patient’s faith in him. A few minutes later the doctor “fired” my co-worker as a patient, and said he was no longer willing to work with him on his treatment plan. Incredible.”

I can’t wait to hear about Protons and the impact they will have as more “Proton” facilities are built in the USA and their utilization increases. Amazing that a thirty minute drive from my home will take me to a new Proton facility soon.
Dallas is constructing a Proton Facility.

Thank you for reading. Keep looking at the many “Videos” on this site – I always learn a lot from them.

Still Going Strong After 14 Years

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

In 2006 when Bob Marckini published his book, You Can Beat Prostate Cancer, and You Don’t Need Surgery to Do It, I said:

I found Loma Linda and Proton treatment by “Blind Luck”. Bob removes the blinders and offers sound advice for those who hear the dreaded “cancer” word.

After treatment in 1999, I decided to tell anyone who would listen about both my experience and the experiences of others I met who were treated with “Protons”. I also sought where possible provide responses from others who chose “Protons”.

Bob Marckini deserves the highest accolades for his dedication to providing advice and his continuing research to verify any responses he provides. I suggest you read his book now!

So at 83 I can say that my experience has been amazing and successful. And as 84 approaches, I expect to continue looking at the number of “Proton” facilities that have been built in the US and in other countries and read their reports when possible.

I regret the recent loss of “Ken Venturi” as a friend, and miss his advice both as a professional golfer and Proton advocate.

Thank you for reading. Take a look at the many “Videos” on this site – I always learn a lot from them.

Where Did April Go?

Friday, May 10th, 2013

what-adviceStudies too numerous to count continue the “drum beat” regarding the “Proton”.

It really is too bad that salesmanship by a sharp salesperson can defeat many accurate findings for medical success to the detriment of those who may have vital need for the treatment. My friends and I who have really been cured by using the “Proton” feel like we have not explained our experience adequately.

I thought mine was very simple:

  1. PSA 15.6
  2. Surgery recommended by my “Urologist” who never mentioned any other option.

This accident that brought me in touch with a Graduate from college in California who said: “Get the doctors at Loma Linda to treat you with ‘Protons’, that’s the answer!” He told me that he graduated there and believed that the Proton would do the job.

So in August 1999 my Proton treatment was over and my PSA since that time has remained at 0.1. I deem this fact to be significant given the painless and professional capability at the Loma Linda Proton Center.

I do wonder how the John’s Hopkins folks will respond when their new Proton center becomes reality and the current IMRT really gets compared with the Proton in their own Medical Center.

In the meantime my Texas Drivers License expires in 2019 and I suppose that at eighty-nine years old I may not be too worried about how medical issues are resolved.

For now, all I can say is “I liked it!” 12 plus years later!

Avoiding Unintended Consequences

Friday, March 1st, 2013

consequencesMy annual physical check was on Monday Feb. 18, 2013

No surprise to me was a PSA of 0.1 and no side effects from my Prostate cancer treatment at Loma Linda’s Proton facility in 1999. I was absolutely sure that this would be the outcome despite a beginning PSA of over 15.9.

Somewhere I read that, “Many men undergoing a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer may focus on erectile dysfunction as the major complication they face.” As you may know from reading my site, “Prostate Surgery” claims more men who often face urinary incontinence. This problem does not seem to be a major issue after Proton treatment for Prostate cancer.

Facts show lots of “selling” going on if you will not consider ‘Protons” as a viable solution. If your training and life history depends on whatever you have been trained to do, then as one famous Urologist’s patient said, if you are selling a Cadillac  you usually de-emphasize the value of  Lincoln.

Today in 2013 I have spoken or replied to many men, and many women who want the best for their husbands. I can only repeat that a survey of BOB membership showed conclusively that prostate cancer cure rates were at least as good as the best alternatives and quality of life after treatment far superior by every measure.

Here we are in March – More to follow – Thank you for reading,

Bob Tales

Monday, February 4th, 2013

graphBob Marckini provides all of us with “Bob Tales” monthly. His January 2013 newsletter finds yet another “government funded study at a prestigious university” to compare proton therapy to IMRT.

As pointed out, it’s inaccurate to compare a patient population made up of 98 percent from one modality and 2 percent from the other and using “Billing records” to determine side effects.

I guess I am among the few who have read the scientific peer reviewed prospective studies while the media runs with the “study” and in the process fails to recognize the group of men who represent over half the population that has been treated with protons for Prostate cancer.

The group I’m part of (now over 6,000 strong) has members representing every proton center in the U.S. and three from overseas.

Today, in 2013, I have spoken or replied to many men as well as many women who want the best for their husbands. I can only repeat that a survey of BOB membership showed conclusively that prostate cancer cure rates were at least as good as the best alternatives and quality of life after treatment far superior by every measure.

Did I mention that I was treated in 1999 and my relationship with my wife of 58 years (December 2012) is still wonderful, and those facts speak for themselves.

Gee, I just turned 83!! Stand by for March – more to follow. Thank you for reading,

2013 Is Here – Where Are My Prostate Cancer Side Effects??

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Jim here; I’m going to focus on “why Protons?” using my friend and fellow “Proton” recipient Bob Marckini’s “Mythbuster” series of articles on the ten myths about proton therapy. His team will debunk these myths, one at a time, with facts and reputable, published studies. I will try to include any part of Bob’s effort in future 2013 Proton reports on this website.

“Isn’t it interesting the way information can be ‘spun’ by those with an agenda, to make a point that fits their cause? One of the best examples of this are the political debates and subsequent analyses on network and cable television. They even have ‘spin rooms’ where pundits from each side get together and take snippets of the debate (often out of context) to make their candidate look good and the other guy look bad.”

Here’s another example of spinning the data: the number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, accidental deaths caused by physicians per year are 120,000, or 0.171 per physician. The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80 million and, according to the FBI, the number of accidental gun deaths per year is 1,500. So, the number of accidental deaths per gun owner is 0.0000188. Ridiculous? Absolutely. But, this is no less ridiculous than some of the claims, attacks, and distortions being directed at proton therapy. Early this year a terribly flawed study from the University of North Carolina, looking backwards, using Medicare billing codes to identify what they thought were side effects, concluded that proton therapy for prostate cancer is no better than IMRT, and proton produces more rectal side effects. All the other prospective, scientific, peer-reviewed studies, which reached different conclusions, were ignored. Nevertheless, the media loved it and ran with it. Clearly there was another “agenda” at work here.

Our group consists of more than half the men (still alive) who have had proton therapy for prostate cancer. We have members representing every proton center in the U.S. and three overseas. Our 2009 survey of BOB membership showed conclusively that prostate cancer cure rates were at least as good as the best alternatives and quality of life after treatment far superior by every measure. And the facts speak for themselves. Stay tuned.

More to follow – Thank you for reading.