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Loma Linda Stats

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Loma Linda has completed 14,829 Proton treatments to date.  10,281 are Prostate. Head and Neck (822), Chordoma/Chondrasarcoma (562), and brain (506) are the next in line with breast increasing each month.

FYI: A chondrosarcoma is a type of cancer[1] of the cartilage. Chondrosarcoma is a cartilage-based tumor and is in a category of cancers called sarcomas. About 25% of primary bone cancers (meaning those which start in the bone) are chondrosarcomas.

Restating the Truth

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Since I just passed my 11th year since Proton treatment for Prostate Cancer without side effects, I believe it’s time to restate the truth.

I’ve just re-read 148 comments on the value of Proton Therapy for Prostate cancer.

These were from men who were treated for Prostate cancer with Protons with an “R”, (just reminding you that Photons are X-rays and PRotons are not.)

These comments were written by me and 147 other men in response to an article by Adam Voiland (US News and World Report) in 2007 when he omitted Protons as a viable treatment. In January 2008 he acknowledged all the responses even though he expressed some doubts about Protons even then.

There was NO doubt about it judging by the comments from the men who were treated with protons and cured, sometimes over the objections of their Urologists who were evidently influenced by two things:

  • Lack of their own knowledge about the efficacy of protons or,
  • Protecting their own investment in training as doctors with primary interest in what they sold ie; Surgery, Robotic Surgery, IMRT radiation (X-Rays), or Bracytherapy (radio active seed implants).

From my personal point of view – I was treated in 1999 and on August 27th 2010 finished 11 years without any side effects. I was treated at Loma Linda California and men who reported with comments to Mr. Voiland had been treated at Loma Linda, MD Anderson, The Florida Proton Institute, Mass General Hospital or Bloomington, Indiana at MPRI

This web site has advocated Protons for over Nine years. You can look at the June 2009 Blog and see a video showing how protons work.

If you have been diagnosed with Prostate cancer contact a Proton center immediately. Go to the “Links” on my home page to get a telephone number and other information.