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Avoiding Unintended Consequences

Friday, March 1st, 2013

consequencesMy annual physical check was on Monday Feb. 18, 2013

No surprise to me was a PSA of 0.1 and no side effects from my Prostate cancer treatment at Loma Linda’s Proton facility in 1999. I was absolutely sure that this would be the outcome despite a beginning PSA of over 15.9.

Somewhere I read that, “Many men undergoing a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer may focus on erectile dysfunction as the major complication they face.” As you may know from reading my site, “Prostate Surgery” claims more men who often face urinary incontinence. This problem does not seem to be a major issue after Proton treatment for Prostate cancer.

Facts show lots of “selling” going on if you will not consider ‘Protons” as a viable solution. If your training and life history depends on whatever you have been trained to do, then as one famous Urologist’s patient said, if you are selling a Cadillac  you usually de-emphasize the value of  Lincoln.

Today in 2013 I have spoken or replied to many men, and many women who want the best for their husbands. I can only repeat that a survey of BOB membership showed conclusively that prostate cancer cure rates were at least as good as the best alternatives and quality of life after treatment far superior by every measure.

Here we are in March – More to follow – Thank you for reading,