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Hurray – 10 Year Anniversary! Cancer Free

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Atoms – They’ve Been Around Since the Beginning of Time

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

At least one web site marks up Protons as an older technology and does not seem to understand that this wonderful option has continuously evolved into the powerhouse treatment that it is today. (I think they are the ones behind the times and fear the Protons impact on medicine.) These detractors cite “current studies” that portray the Proton in ways that are actually just the opposite of the real impact of this wonderful treatment.

This is the month that I reach 10 years since treatment that ended on August 27, 2009. I have had no further visits to my Urologist regarding Protons and I DO NOT HAVE SIDE EFFECTS!

Talk to a PROTON EXPERT, at Loma Linda, CA; MD Anderson, Houston, TX; Proton Institute in Jacksonville, Fla. The new Procure Center in Oklahoma City the just opened in May 2009. Ultimately, you have to make the decision regarding your treatment.

These detractors sell what they have to sell recommend surgery including “Robotic” and radiation oncologists seeds (Brachytherapy) or traditional radiation with all of its new names. The problem is that almost all radiation treatments use X-Rays up to and including “Cyberknife”.

Today’s Protons on the other hand are NOT X-Rays, are extremely accurate, and have the unique capability of being more precisely controlled for application to many cancers or benign tumors.

Worldwide over 50,000 people have been so treated with Protons for many cancerous and benign tumors.

Read “The Edge of Medicine”, Proton therapy is on that edge and meets or betters any other treatment.

I am not a Doctor, only a happy former patient, I HAVE NO SIDE EFFECTS! Seems like a no-brainer when you have a non-invasive treatment that works.