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New INFORMATION about a “proven Prostate cancer treatment” is what this web site is all about!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Recently one diagnosed Prostate Cancer man asked about “Hype”? on my web site. In my Webster, the key definitions of Hype are “Deceive, publicize”.

Here’s what I say; yes I tell men about “protons” so you could say I publicize, “bring to public attention” information about Proton Therapy. But let me make it clear that I receive NO money, NO benefits, NO inducement for my site. My interest in telling others about Protons and supporting the Proton treatment program is all my passion and joy at my results and has always been so since the beginning of the Web site.

I hope that all of you seek a second opinion. YOU have to make the decision regarding your treatment. If it were me, I’d listen to your doctor and then get a second opinion from a Proton Therapy Center. If your doctor or doctors don’t know about protons, you can ask a Proton expert at the Proton therapy sites listed on the “Links” page on

The FACTS are that Loma Linda is the “leading” Prostate treatment center using Protons in the world and through December 2006 has treated a total of 11,562 patients with protons. Of that number 7,743 (67 percent) were Prostate Cancer patients.

Also, there are five, ten and fifteen year reports published that show that Proton Therapy meets or betters any other treatment and has the superior advantage of reduced side effects.

The latest buzz is Robotic Surgery for Prostate cancer which, just like anything else, needs a track record. Protons have been around since 1961 and Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery since 2002, a boon to steady the hands of surgeons – it’s still surgery. As Bob Marckini says, “The way I look at robotic laparoscopic surgery is that it’s just a fancier way to make a ‘buggy whip’ – i.e. it’s a slicker way of doing something that’s gone out of style.

When I went through Loma Linda beginning in July 1999, I had waited almost a year from diagnosis. We had ages ranging from 40 to 90, so at Loma Linda that hasn’t changed to my knowledge while other centers may have different protocols. I do know that the beauty of the Proton is that it is well tolerated at any age.

Effectiveness and outcome of prostate treatment using Protons (or almost any other treatment methodology), depends on your condition when being treated. I was 69 when treated in 1999, in good shape and now I am 77. The results normally depend on your PSA, Gleason Score and Staging. My PSA was 15.9, my Gleason 6, my Staging T1C. As of Nov. 2006 my PSA is less than 0.2.

My case is explained at my web site at

Read Bob Marckini’s great book about his Proton experience and it can be found at the web site. I hope all of this helps you in making your own decision.

Jim Tuggey
Web site owner
March 1, 2007