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A Second Opinion

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Let’s start with what’s important – A second opinion from a Proton expert explaining the Proton option is extremely important.

Today, January 27th 2009, I complete 9 years and five months since treatment for Prostate Cancer in 1999 at Loma Linda’s James M. Slater Proton Center. During this period I have been blessed with two new granddaughters

There is an article floating around citing the cost or Proton Centers and the treatment – my take on that is the fact that I do not require continuous follow-up and routinely find out about my Prostate through a PSA test that comes with my annual physical with my regular doctor. When the treatment does the job as it should, the cost of follow-up and overall cost is lower.
I have met many men who are constantly visiting their Urologist for various recommendations regarding urinary incontinence, any man should know that with radiation therapy using X-Rays, possible side effects include incontinence, the loss of control over the release of urine, and impotence, the inability to get or sustain an erection.

Of course the cure for severe incontinence can be “sometimes” corrected with surgery. Luckily Protons are so accurate using the “Bragg Peak”, that they hit the cancer and then drop to zero radiation minimizing any damage and/or side effects.

I have not had any bowel problems, fatigue, or tissue damage from my treatment with Proton Radiation.

Starting with a PSA of 15.9 in 1999, my last physical Nov. 2008 PSA is 0.1.

“Protons” are the best choice for medical treatment of any kind that I have ever made in my life! Philadelphia, PA.and Hampton, VA., are opening soon.

Pay attention!A second opinion from a Proton expert explaining the Proton option is extremely important!