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Where Did April Go?

Friday, May 10th, 2013

what-adviceStudies too numerous to count continue the “drum beat” regarding the “Proton”.

It really is too bad that salesmanship by a sharp salesperson can defeat many accurate findings for medical success to the detriment of those who may have vital need for the treatment. My friends and I who have really been cured by using the “Proton” feel like we have not explained our experience adequately.

I thought mine was very simple:

  1. PSA 15.6
  2. Surgery recommended by my “Urologist” who never mentioned any other option.

This accident that brought me in touch with a Graduate from college in California who said: “Get the doctors at Loma Linda to treat you with ‘Protons’, that’s the answer!” He told me that he graduated there and believed that the Proton would do the job.

So in August 1999 my Proton treatment was over and my PSA since that time has remained at 0.1. I deem this fact to be significant given the painless and professional capability at the Loma Linda Proton Center.

I do wonder how the John’s Hopkins folks will respond when their new Proton center becomes reality and the current IMRT really gets compared with the Proton in their own Medical Center.

In the meantime my Texas Drivers License expires in 2019 and I suppose that at eighty-nine years old I may not be too worried about how medical issues are resolved.

For now, all I can say is “I liked it!” 12 plus years later!