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Loma Linda Proton Center – Continuing to Innovate

Monday, May 24th, 2010

I just returned from a meeting at Loma Linda, CA and talked to the folks who run that great program with continuing success.

Loma Linda’s Proton center is very close to 10,000 Prostate treatments and should pass that milestone easily in 2010.

It was thrilling to learn specifics about continual updates of their internal skills and studies of methods to treat the Prostate and more cancerous and benign tumor sites in shorter times and at lower costs.

So, what about a second opinion? Absolutely, and these days it way include a second opinion on cost and insurance options.

The cost of medical care is making everyone nervous, however with new advancements in medicine we should be on the team that sees yesterday’s 65 as today’s 75 and recognize that “talent” should not be compromised by the aging process.

I’m 80 and don’t have any plans to stop providing information to folks who need to know about the positive advantages of the “Proton”, that’s the one with an “R”! [I Like to emphasize that since Photons (X-Rays) are only a letter away from being great while Protons unfortunately are often classified as “Radiation” without explanation that respects the advantages of this wonderful treatment.]

You may not know that Loma Linda has added “Breast, Lung, and Liver” to the diagnosis category that they treat with Protons, all of these began in 2007.

What we need now is Research funding to accelerate these advances in the use of the Proton and get them “on line” as soon as possible.

For me, another month without any “side effects” and I’ll let you assume that from now on.

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