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The purpose of this web site is to provide information for men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer so they can make an informed decision about all options for their own treatment. A second opinion from a Proton expert explaining the Proton option is extremely important.

Harvard University began “proton” treatment in 1961 for other medical conditions and treated the prostate beginning in 1979. Proton treatment started at Loma Linda University and Medical Center in 1990 and prostate treatment using Protons began in 1991. The twenty year anniversary of Dr. James Slater’s vision was celebrated in October 2010. Dr. Slater provided the impetus for starting Proton treatment in a University environment at Loma Linda, and he recognized that Protons, [Protons with an “R”] act differently than conventional three dimensional radiation or IMRT that use focused Photons (X-Rays), and all other modalities that use X-Rays. This June 24th, 2009 blog post includes a video explaining how the proton works. Please look at the information concerning the “Bragg Peak” and how its’ action relates to Proton treatment and the proton’s accuracy. Also, see the graphic on how a typical Proton center is set up. It takes the right tools to do the job and Loma Linda has the tools and “leading edge” experience with Prostate Cancer, treating over 9,600 men through November 2010 to date for Prostate cancer and an overall total of 16,000 for other cancers and benign conditions.

Photo of me receiving treatmentI am the web site owner and have been treated for prostate cancer using Proton Therapy at Loma Linda University Medical Center. It seems reasonable that professional people who deal with men with Prostate Cancer have the responsibility to know all treatments that are available with proven efficacy, and provide that knowledge to patients seeking information upon which they make their very personal decision regarding Prostate Cancer treatment.

For me, the results have been dramatic – I went to Loma Linda with a PSA of 15.9 in July 1999 and now my PSA as of November 16, 2010 is less than 0.1, demonstrating excellent results. Early post treatment, I have experienced minor side effects; however at over 79 years old, my quality of life is perfect and I believe in the non-invasive proton treatment system as the best possible choice for men with “Prostate Cancer”. In addition, the Loma Linda Proton Center and other Proton Centers treat many other body sites for cancers or benign tumors of the brain, eye, head and neck, spinal cord, lung, breast, abdomen, pelvis, and some forms of macular degeneration of the eye. I will happily answer any questions regarding my own treatment and results via email – you can click on the Contact link up top to send me a message.

It’s very important to read testimonies from many of these men at www.ProtonBob.com to help you make an informed decision about your own Prostate. Read Bob Marckini’s great book “You Can Beat Prostate Cancer, and You Don’t Need Surgery to Do It”.

For a List of Proton Treatment centers in the United States go to the Links Page.


Comment by Paul T.

I feel the insinuations that Image-guided IMRT and other treatments are so inferior to Proton Therapy is a disservice to those who do not see it as an option. Whether for cost or availability, etc, there are many who simply cannot undertake Proton Therapy. These men must feel terrible to think they are getting inferior treatment, according to this web site. I read Robert Marckini’s book. Sure, he had the financian resources and could take off work for two months and fly across the country to be treated. Well, we are not all so lucky. I think you should be a little more balanced in your presentation of the treatments…as Mr. Marckini was not.

Posted on April 21, 2011 at 9:40 am

Comment by Jim Tuggey

Bob Marckini and I agree that there are only two treatments we would consider having if we were diagnosed with prostate cancer: Proton and IMRT. So the implication that we believe IMRT is “so” inferior is incorrect. However, we do believe that Protons are a better.
I believe you miss the point; when we opened our web site to bring Protons to the attention of all people and explain what the proton was, we knew that proton treatments were generally unknown and yet superior because all physicists, oncologists, and scientists would agree with the laws of physics, which show that because of the Bragg peak, almost all the radiation delivered to the body with proton is delivered to the tumor volume, or target.
With IMRT, most of the radiation is delivered to healthy tissue. So healthy tissue sees more than 3 times as much radiation with IMRT than it does with Proton.
These are just facts and when I started my site, Protons were not generally explained to the public. I outlined that protons can be targeted while X-Rays that are used in almost all other Radiation treatment go through the body as X-rays are unstoppable.
All doctors agree that the only safe dose of radiation to healthy tissue is a zero dose. So, wouldn’t you conclude that proton therapy is superior to IMRT? It has to be.
Now the side effects may not show up as significant, at least initially, but they will show up in more IMRT patients than proton patients. Also, the risk of secondary cancers is far greater with IMRT because 3 times more radiation is delivered to healthy tissues.
Proton costs about 40% more than IMRT. Mr. Marckini and I believe it’s worth it! What price would a man pay to avoid incontinence, impotence, or secondary cancers?
Having said all this, I’ll repeat what I said earlier. There are only two options I would consider: Proton and IMRT.
Protons are the way to go for Prostate Cancer and many other cancerous and benign tumors. The website helps people understand what Protons are and that’s all the website is intended to do.

Posted on April 22, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Comment by Clyde Marsh

I selected proton therapy at Loma Linda in 2007 when I was diagnosed. I can’t agree with Bob Marckini and Jim Tuggey more.

There is no equal to proton therapy treatment at Loma Linda. They have treated more than 17,500 prostate cancer patients and have been since 1990. Since when is this considered new and experimental?
Until you have been through the “Loma Linda Experience” of Making Man Whole, it is hard to describe this radiation vacation.

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 5:00 pm

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