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Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Bob Marckini let me contribute my thoughts to him regarding treatment for my prostate cancer treatment completed at Loma Linda in August 1999.

His book, “You Can Beat Prostate Cancer – and You Don’t Need Surgery to Do It”, has been a blessing to hundreds of men. If you have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer please get his book and read it before you make a move to combat your cancer.

Starting in July 1999 with a PSA of 15.7, on this day, Dec. 20th, my PSA is 0.1, as it has been for over ten years, and I am side effects free.

I wish I knew everyone who decided for treatment with the Proton. I sponsor 28 men who were treated at Loma Linda at the moment, and have seen over 50 different sponsored men with all kinds of symptoms. With very few exceptions all seem happy with the results from proton treatment.

Most amazing to me is the growth of acceptance for the proton from the time when I was treated. Then, only two Proton centers treated the Prostate and now the number is growing every time I look at the statistics on Proton capable medical centers.

I was very happy to see the Mayo Clinic with it’s huge reputation for Medical excellence announce the opening of Proton Treatment centers in Wisconsin and Phoenix, Arizona. MD Anderson listed in a recent business magazine as the Top Cancer Treatment Center has a Proton Treatment facility up and running in Houston, Texas.

It is certain that Dr. James Slater at Loma Linda University and Medical Center will be a model for anyone who has a dream and follows though to see a Proton Center built and continually modernized as they reached their 20th Anniversary in 2010.
From my point of view, Protons are the first choice and all doctors in the references, links on the Internet seem to continue to group protons along with radiation in general without recognizing the importance of the reduced radiation inherent in the Proton application.

Jim Tuggey, Dallas-Fort Worth, Tx
Very Happy Proton Fan