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University of Florida, Proton Therapy Institute Opens

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

New Proton Therapy InstituteI attended the Official Opening of the University of Florida, Proton Therapy Institute on October 13th and it was impressive. Dr. Nancy P. Mendenhall, the institute Medical Director and Dr. Carlos Vargas who is treating prostate cancer patients now, are very positive about Protons.

I met one man at the opening who was just a few days from completing his prostate cancer treatment and two other men who had started prostate cancer treatment using Protons and were very happy about their treatment.

Dr. Robert Wilson’s vision in 1947, “that protons might have an advantage for treating tumors in medicine” is proved daily at Loma Linda’s Proton Center and new centers in Bloomington, IN., Houston, TX and now Jacksonville FL, have agreed that Protons work.

Protons still have an identity problem, PRotons with an “R” vis a vis the Photon with an “H” (X-rays) for newly diagnosed prostate cancer and other cancer patients. Every week someone asks me, “Oh, protons, are those the seeds?” and “Won’t radiation damage the surrounding tissue?” it requires the answer “No Protons are not “the seeds” and I suggest that Proton with an “R” is very accurate and minimizes the damage to any surrounding tissue allowing flexibility in treatment.”

The new Proton center in Munich, Germany immediately recognized the value of this approach and starts their Proton explanation with the R, predominate in their brochure.

Leading Edge – As other areas of the body are treated and the proton is accepted, LLUMC leads in people treated for those specific cancers or benign tumors with Proton Therapy and it should be recognized as the most experienced Prostate cancer center for Proton treatment.

Three more are close in Hampton Virginia (Hampton University), University of Pennsylvania and the Siteman Cancer Center in St Louis.

Noninvasive treatment is the key and Protons open the door.

Jim Tuggey

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