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More Proton Treatments Centers on the way!

Saturday, May 12th, 2007

Over the past year I lost 30 pounds and my Prostate is happy.

The obvious step for anyone is to keep in shape and lose extra body fat to help fight Prostate cancer before and after treatment.

I went to a web site where I found lots of help in overcoming extra weight and using regular walking as a great way to lose the pounds. They have put their music in a walking format at different paces 128, or 118 steps to suit your age and condition. So, I put one of their many CDs in my jogging player, walk for at least 30, sometimes 45 minutes every other day and help myself stay well.


The latest news is that the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences is installing a Proton center. They say, “The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center’s selection of Still River’s System places OU among the nation’s leading medical schools choosing the system, including Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis), Tufts School of Medicine (Boston) and Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine (New Jersey).

In addition, the Still River Systems equipment will be placed at the new M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Orlando, Florida”.

On September 05, 2006 a Press release titled, “A Cheaper Way to Zap Tumors”, said in part, “Half of all cancer patients in the United States require radiation to combat their tumors. A form of radiation that uses protons, rather than X rays, to zap tumors causes fewer side effects to healthy tissue and may prove more effective. ( I believe that if they talk to the men who swear by Protons, including me, “May” will change to “will”.) Now a startup based in Littleton, MA, Still River Systems, is working with MIT physicists to develop a smaller, less expensive proton accelerator in the hopes of making the therapy more widely available. It expects the machine, which relies on advances in magnet technology to energize protons enough so they are therapeutic, to be in hospital trials in 2008.”

The above statements appear to tie in with the University of Oklahoma’s release.

For those of you that are reluctant to decide – Protons are here to stay!

I just suggest one thing: if your Doctor, Urologist, or Oncologist cannot tell you the difference between X-Rays and Protons, you can tell whomever it is that they really need to learn the advantage of minimal to NO tissue damage using proton radiation!