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Questions Without Answers

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Last week a gentleman asked; “How difficult is it to get referred to a Proton Therapy Center and what is the typical waiting time to be accepted.”

I wrote an immediate answer “Should not be a problem – in 1999 I referred myself to the Loma Linda Medical Center, Proton facility.

I also discovered that the e-mail address used by the sender does not work’ (Need some help “Don”.) Where do you live? Did you look at the available Proton Sites on my web site

ProCure in Oklahoma City and other ProCure sites do Proton therapy ie; Hampton is purely a proton center, and so is the MD Anderson proton facility, Indiana University Proton Center, and Univ. of Florida.

Regarding cost, I think Loma Linda is probably the least expensive for out of pocket pay. I have no idea about the current cost for treatment at the other dedicated Proton centers.

Depending on where you live the waiting time should be minimal.

In my opinion, we have a serious challenge from the Proton antagonists. They seem to ignore the well known facts about the Proton since many of them do not have access to the Proton Therapy equipment.

I do realize that some of this diatribe is pure protectionism for the techniques and treatment capability that this or that cancer facility has available.

However, let me repeat, I have NO side effects and I was treated from July to August 1999. Let’s see, that would be now in 2012 – almost 13 years.

Robert Marckini who sends us our monthly BOB Tales, points out the continued marketing of mis-information about the Proton by competition “who consider proton therapy a fad and discount it.”