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Protons – with an “R”

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

In my prior blog post (Feb. 13, 2010) I answered the question “Where can you find out about Proton Therapy?” because so many Prostate cancer diagnosed patients never hear of it.

Since some of you may not visit the home page of my web site, here is important information from that page:

“Dr. James Slater MD had the vision and was the impetus for starting Proton treatment in a University environment at Loma Linda, Ca. and he recognized that Protons [with an “R”] act differently than conventional three dimensional radiation or IMRT (and many other disguises) that use focused Photons (X-Rays) and all other modalities that use X-Rays.”

A very important difference and this June 24th, 2009 blog post includes a video explaining how the proton works. Please look at the information concerning the “Bragg Peak” and how its action relates to Proton treatment and the proton’s accuracy. It takes the right tools to do the job and Loma Linda has the tools and “leading edge” experience with Prostate Cancer, treating over 9,500 men through 2009 for Prostate cancer and over 14,000 for other cancers and benign conditions.

Simply put, X-rays (using Photons with an “H”) cannot be controlled and go through the body while Protons with an “R” can be completely controlled to hit the cancerous target and then drop to zero charge eliminating any out bound damage to other tissue.

Bob Marckini wrote the book “You Can Beat Prostate Cancer And You Don’t Need Surgery to Do It” and it is available at, or LuLu Publications.

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Where can you find out about Proton Therapy?

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

A recent study publicized recently seems to indicate that learning about Prostate cancer treatment depends on who you visit to provide Prostate Cancer care.

I read, and or talk about Protons every day for at least three hours or more seven days a week to keep up to speed on what’s happening and I find that the kind of treatment may be recommended may depend on what the local hospital can do on site rather than what is available if you know where to look.


I want you to go to and read the many testimonies that are there all from actual Proton patients who, like me, want to spread the good news.

A few years ago I wrote a Blog post about the responsibility of Doctors to know all the treatments that work and tell the patient so he or she can make their own decision based on what is right for their situation; so ask them about Protons.

I read recently that the Northern Illinois University Proton site may be in funding trouble and will be delayed. That’s too bad since it is almost located on top of Fermi Labs in West Chicago where the medical value of the Proton was first identified by Dr. Wilson. The laboratory was founded in 1967 as the National Accelerator Laboratory; it was renamed in honor of Enrico Fermi in 1974. The lab’s first director was Robert Rathbun Wilson, who was part of the Manhattan Project.

The picture to the right is Robert R. Wilson Hall located in West Chicago.

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