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A Primer on Prostate Cancer, by Dr. Stephen B. Strum

Friday, December 1st, 2006

I think the University of Florida, Proton Institute has it right when they say, “Welcome to the Proton Era, HARDER on cancer. EASIER on you.” My PSA Nov. 28, 2006 is less than 0.2, and with no side effects, it’s surely easier!

Dr. Stephen B. Strum, MD’s and Donna Pogliano’s book A Primer on Prostate Cancer second edition, is a great reference and by reputation, Dr. Strum is probably the leading specialist in managing Prostate Cancer “relapse”.

This book mentions “Proton Treatment” but is out of date since there is in fact a “peer reviewed” fifteen year report available and, there are now five operating “Proton Centers” with Bloomington, Indiana’s Midwest Radio Therapy Center, M.D. Anderson in Houston and in my last “Blog” entry, the University of Florida’s Proton Institute in Jacksonville, Florida, joining the well established Loma Linda Proton Treatment Center. Also the new Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center that draws on experience in the use of Protons dating back to 1961, when Harvard Medical Center and Mass General Hospital collaborated in using Protons.

I read and re-read his Appendix A through C and found them to be wonderful references, web sites etc., and have visited many. The lead-in to Chapter F they say, “The facts ma’am, just the facts”, a great point and combined with the need for a second opinion on your condition, I would say crucial to your decision on a treatment regimen.

The author’s have a difference of opinion on “Invasive”, my definition is anything that physically pokes a hole in you as in Prostate Surgery of any kind, and Brachytherapy is invasive, and Protons that do not cut the external protective layer called skin, I define as non-invasive. Back to my point in an earlier blog entry, why do anything invasive when the proton is non-invasive.

My facts are simple, seven years and three months since completion of Proton treatment and today December 1, 2006, NO Side Effects!