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Another Prostate Book

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

“Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery” by Bradley Hennenfent, M.D. Copyright 2005 is an interesting book.

If you read it you could not possibly make a Radical Prostectomy decision. To quote the author who had five Uncles with Prostate Cancer (- 2 are dead – and the book is dedicated to all of them;) ” When and if I get localized Prostate cancer, I will avoid surgery like the plague.”

He does mention LLUMC and MGH but his Proton story is weak and I have already told him in a comment to his web site. He seems sold on “Brachytherapy” but has a lot of other suggestions and does not hold “Urologists” in general in very high esteem.

Essential reference – cites “Watchful waiting” specific studies and rates it 87 percent survival to 80 percent for surgery but says on page 93, “WATCHFUL WAITING DOES NOT MEAN DOING NOTHING!, scream this in the ear of every man you meet at prostate cancer support groups.”

Lots of Good information.

Jim Tuggey

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005