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The “Excitement Begins Here”!

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

This week a friend of mine called to tell me about his Mother-in-law’s cancer treatment.

This story starts over two years ago when we were all at dinner together in Trophy Club, Texas and John’s wife mentioned that her mother was blind due to a tumor. They told me they were trying to find a treatment that would work.

I asked how her tumor was described, and then told them that she should call Loma Linda since I was sure they treated that type of tumor with “protons”.

Not long thereafter, they landed in California for treatment.

In a relatively short period of time, John told me that his “Mother-in-law” could see and thanked me for the information on Protons.

So with periodic checks by the experts at Loma Linda her eyesight continued to thrive and both John and his wife were very happy with the results.

Until this week when John called me to tell me about the follow-on treatments and said, “The tumor is gone”!

Nothing could make me happier than this Proton cure.

So the success stories continue and this woman is free of any tumor that affects her sight.

Great news for a good friend and I hope more good information for you.

Jim Tuggey
14 January 2011

P.S. I still have NO side effects from my Proton treatment from 11 years and 5 months ago.