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James Slater Proton Treatment Center

Friday, June 1st, 2007

James Slater Proton Treatment Center is the new name for the Loma Linda Proton Treatment Center in honor for the man who had the vision, staked his reputation, and followed through to see the Proton Treatment Center become a leading cancer facility with expert staff in making the Proton a viable treatment for the Prostate and many other body sites.

Protons are not new medicine; Harvard used Protons as early as 1961 and treated prostates in 1979.

Loma Linda’s Proton Center was the first built to treat patients in a Medical Center setting, in the world. Up to that time, while some were treating disease they generally were not flexible enough to treat all structural sites of the body. Loma Linda experts learned from scientific advances by many laboratories, universities, and industries and associated with Fermilab to build the center that opened in 1990.

The details about what, why, when, and where can be found in the LINK section of this site at the address:

I continue to be overwhelmed by the stream of questions that come to me due to the web site and Blog. I am fine and blessed with the results of my treatment; I do not have side effects and hope that my experience gives men confidence to come forward early for treatment that minimizes the side effects.

And, stops scaring men who are diagnosed but do not know about Proton treatment. In my experience, given that men enter the program from all kinds of initial PSA values, Gleason and Staging, I know of very few men, treated with protons, who have had any problem with side effects.

Drop me an e-mail at jjtug and write Proton Treatment in the subject for a reply.

Jim Tuggey
June 1, 2007