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Protons Speak for Themselves

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

• My latest talk on Protons was presented at Las Colinas Medical Center, In Las Colinas, Texas to an US TOO group meeting under the banner of National Cancer Institute on February 5th, 2008.
• US TOO is a network of hundreds of support group chapters for men with prostate cancer.

This information brief at 7 PM, Feb. 5th, was scheduled for 30 minutes with 15 for questions and lasted 90 minutes. This is the second time I have talked at this chapter and I always appreciate the opportunity. I always weaken my case a bit by starting with the following Caveat:

NO MEDICAL ADVICE: Material appearing here represents opinions offered by non-medically-trained laypersons. Comments shown here should NEVER be interpreted as specific medical advice and must be used only as background information when consulting with a qualified medical professional.

However, when we finish the Power Point presentation and bring Protons to everyone’s attention there are always two reactions.

One, the people who have already taken action are either 1) resigned to their decision, or 2) mad because no one told them about Protons.

Two, the men who are there to decide what to do, are almost always excited and happy. They are amazed to find that so many people have been treated with Protons, and the fact that I stand before them at 78 years old, eight years and five months since PROTON treatment with NO side effects.

This is an important information effort that I will pursue for the rest of my life.

Jim Tuggey
Feb. 10, 2008