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Posted by Jim Tuggey on July 14th, 2013 — Posted in General

The older I get, the faster time whizzes by. I often forget that my Prostate was a “Cancer” problem and that Loma Linda Proton treatment was the answer in 1999.

Since then I have managed to pass a test with M D Anderson Cancer Center for “Cancer of the Tongue”. This experience began in April 2011 and while I finished Radiation and Chemo in May 2011, the beat goes on as the experts at MD Anderson look forward to a five year success story. In fact I will be at their site on July 31st, 2013 for a follow-up.

I visited my Texas Urologist last week and he told me that everything was fine and sent me on my way after a routine visit.

Meanwhile, I continue to hear stories like this one:

“A co-worker of mine in Atlanta relayed this story, which is a stark reminder of how stuck in the mud some doctors are on the topic of Protons. After being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, my co-worker started working on a treatment plan with his Urologist. After learning and researching information about Proton Therapy, my co-worker raised this as an option with his doctor. His doctor became very flustered and questioned his patient’s faith in him. A few minutes later the doctor “fired” my co-worker as a patient, and said he was no longer willing to work with him on his treatment plan. Incredible.”

I can’t wait to hear about Protons and the impact they will have as more “Proton” facilities are built in the USA and their utilization increases. Amazing that a thirty minute drive from my home will take me to a new Proton facility soon.
Dallas is constructing a Proton Facility.

Thank you for reading. Keep looking at the many “Videos” on this site – I always learn a lot from them.

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