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Posted by Jim Tuggey on February 4th, 2013 — Posted in General

graphBob Marckini provides all of us with “Bob Tales” monthly. His January 2013 newsletter finds yet another “government funded study at a prestigious university” to compare proton therapy to IMRT.

As pointed out, it’s inaccurate to compare a patient population made up of 98 percent from one modality and 2 percent from the other and using “Billing records” to determine side effects.

I guess I am among the few who have read the scientific peer reviewed prospective studies while the media runs with the “study” and in the process fails to recognize the group of men who represent over half the population that has been treated with protons for Prostate cancer.

The group I’m part of (now over 6,000 strong) has members representing every proton center in the U.S. and three from overseas.

Today, in 2013, I have spoken or replied to many men as well as many women who want the best for their husbands. I can only repeat that a survey of BOB membership showed conclusively that prostate cancer cure rates were at least as good as the best alternatives and quality of life after treatment far superior by every measure.

Did I mention that I was treated in 1999 and my relationship with my wife of 58 years (December 2012) is still wonderful, and those facts speak for themselves.

Gee, I just turned 83!! Stand by for March – more to follow. Thank you for reading,

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