Disappointing Mayo Clinic Report

Posted by Jim Tuggey on May 21st, 2005 — Posted in General

Very disappointing Medical Essay, June 2005 from the prestigious, Mayo Clinic, Subject: Prostate health.

On page 7, the last sentence of the paragraph on Radiation Therapy that starts with the statement “This is an effective alternate to surgery”, says:

“However, a newer form of therapy uses protons instead of X-rays to kill the cancer. Protons travel through non cancerous tissue and deposit their radiation dose in the targeted area. This form of radiation is under study at a few medical centers, and it’s anticipated that the use of this technique will increase in coming years.” See excerpt attached.

This is very incomplete statement and the only acknowledgement of “protons” in this otherwise informative eight page essay.

Since I just saw Doctor Rossi, on May 17th, started in 1999 with a PSA of 15.9, Gleason 6 and Stage T1C, and now have nothing on the DRE and a PSA of <.1 with five years, 9 months since treatment with no side effects in the last two years, what gives? What is their "protocol" for treatment information? There are two reports Peer reviewed, from Loma Linda that I have read, and about 7,000 men treated for Prostate Cancer at LLUMC. It would seem that Mayo would get the word that a substantial "study" is already completed. Ruined my weekend.

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