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Posted by Jim Tuggey on March 1st, 2009 — Posted in General

I have been sponsoring thirty men who do not have e-mail. Over the past few years some have gone “on-line” and a few have passed away. This changes the characters, however we always keep in touch.

It hurts me to lose one of these men that I communicate with regularly, however on January 2009, one great guy, departed.

He was treated with Protons in 2001, had no side effects and was the victim of a severe heart attack at age 85. His wife wrote me a note and explained that he was symptom free of any Prostate trouble for the entire time from 2001 to his demise.

Historically, another of my sponsored men passed with the same story.

My story is also consistent with the great results for the treatment of Prostate cancer with Protons that these men experienced.

Read Bob Marckini’s book – Bob has without question helped more men to make the right decision about Protons than anyone. You Can Beat Prostate Cancer And You Don’t Need Surgery to Do It, is available at the Proton Bob web site, Amazon.com or LuLu Publications.

If your doctor doesn’t know about Protons, contact me and I’ll insure that you get an answer from someone who does know and has the information so you can make your own choice.

I repeat, Protons are the best choice for medical treatment I have ever made in my life!

Jim Tuggey
March 1, 2009

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