A Study Questions Blood-Test Results on Prostate Cancer

Posted by Jim Tuggey on May 31st, 2004 — Posted in Press

Generally I agree with this New York Times report, however the value of the Proton cannot be exaggerated when it treats you without resulting impotence nor incontinence nor any other significant side effects.

This debate has been in place long before I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and of course, everyone has their own agenda like the Doctor on a recent March “Today” show who said, “I don’t see any difference between other treatments and the Proton” while we know that he is fighting his heart out to get a Proton center at his hospital.

So who knows, I know I have a great peace of mind, and would ask any man who has been diagnosed to ask Loma Linda for a second opinion and very soon M D Anderson in Houston will be on line for Protons.

Another center is in the planning stages in Florida and yet another with the University of Pennsylvania and Walter Reed Hospital cooperating. In fact, over 20 new Proton centers are in the planning stages if they can raise the 100 million it takes to build one.

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