August 27, 1999 Was A Long Time Ago!

Posted by Jim Tuggey on September 4th, 2012 — Posted in General

This month, I received an email from a man who asked about making financial investments in “Protons”. I did not have a recommendation and suggested that if you wish to know more, contact the Proton users. Some Proton centers are medical center based and others have separated from the hospital organizations and have gone in different directions that specialize in the use of protons. I do not believe that there is more experience with the protons than with the users of Protons at Loma Linda, California and Roberts Proton Therapy Center at University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia, PA.

I do expect that the operation of Proton centers in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic (two sites) and others will expand the knowledge and use of the Proton.

It is easy to understand why protons are not welcome in some circles where the knowledge pool is involved in everything from “Robotic Surgery” to include IMRT radiation other protocols. To me, if you or your urologist don’t have the Proton capability, pick up the telephone and talk to those who do. Or…. look at the videos on this web site – they help tell the story.

I believe that if a doctor is in a smaller city or town environment, all he or she may have to offer is surgery or traditional radiation as a form of treatment.

What is unfortunate for these folks is the fact that they do what they have to do. In the talks I have provided to men with Prostate cancer, there have been three reactions to what I have to say: “I didn’t know about that”, “I’m sure glad that I found out about protons” and unfortunately some too late with the comment “I’ve already had surgery”.

Hard to find fault with a treatment that took my 15.6 PSA in 1999 down to 0.1, where it has stayed to date, September 4, 2012!

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