PSA Test is the Answer for Now!

Posted by Jim Tuggey on June 26th, 2012 — Posted in General

Two months ago, it was the Medicare agency, AHRQ, that released a report based on shoddy, unscientific, retrospective study, using billing codes to compare morbidity outcomes from prostate cancer treatments. The study concluded that IMRT is just as good as proton, and if produced significantly fewer rectal side effects. This “Study” contradicted all other, scientific, peer-reviewed, prospective studies on proton therapy. No attempt was made to rationalize these differences or even acknowledge them.

The U.S. Preventive Service Task Force (USPSTF) the same group that abandoned mammograms for women- has made it official. They are formally recommending that PSA testing be discontinued because they feel it doesn’t save lives, it may be harming men and costing lives. Remember, before PSA testing physicians would not treat the disease until it presented symptoms, such as problems with urine flow, blood in the urine etc.

How barbaric! Since many times the delay waiting until symptoms show up, the disease is typically advanced. In my own case I left a job in Singapore with a 3.6 PSA in January 1999 and had a biopsy that spring with tests showing my PSA rising from 3.6 to 12.6. I did not do anything about it until it my PSA went to 15.9 and then I was advised by a friend of mine who is a Doctor to go to Loma Linda for PROTON treatment. I never heard of Proton treatment prior to his statement. Look at the videos on this web site and learn!

That was the best advice I’ve ever received. Let me repeat, I have NO side effects and I was treated from July to 27 August 1999. Let’s see, that would be 13 years ago in August 2012 –13 years.

The remarkable “Protons” are here to stay and PSA tests are essential!


Comment by Bob Turner

Jim’s strident defense of proton beam therapy is not helpful. For some reason he feels it is “us against the world”. Let’s see, Jim had a biopsy to determine his PSA? I’m guessing he means he had a blood test showing the 15.9 and then had a biopsy to confirm he had cancer. I am currently trying to understand all the different therapies and it is quite overwhelming. Just the facts please, and please make sure you aren’t saying things that make no sense. It is certainly encouraging that Jim has had no side effects and I hope that statement is more accurate than the apparent errors in his comments about his diagnosis.

Posted on August 16, 2012 at 8:32 am

Comment by Jim Tuggey

Bob – I’m not planning to get into a debate; I simply will continue to post blog updates as appropriate that you are welcome to read and if you have questions, I’m always happy to take your telephone call. But just to put it in perspective, I’m 82 and have been Prostate Cancer free since 1999. I have received in person and by mail & phone call over 1,000 favorable comments; a barometer that works for me.

Posted on August 16, 2012 at 10:25 pm

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