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Posted by Jim Tuggey on January 23rd, 2012 — Posted in General

Amazing that I am here in 2012 and am totally free of prostate cancer.

It is in the best interest of all of men with prostate cancer and other cancers and all women who fit in other categories with their cancer, to find friends in the financial community who believe in “protons” and have the power to insure that more people have the opportunity to use what Protons have to offer.

The debates about “Protons” and their efficacy are clearly lopsided and some of the result is that people who could benefit from Proton Therapy are denied the opportunity.

Shameful conduct in my opinion as the thrust should be to “Find a way” even if it is longer term financing of the treatments by operators of Proton Therapy facilities.

I’ll be 82 next month, and could not be happier with the “by chance meeting with a Doctor who knew about Protons.”

So here we are! I have seen the birth of new grandchildren since I was treated at Loma Linda Medical Center’s Proton facility and I’m enjoying a marriage with a lady who just celebrated fifty-seven years of marriage with me. We love being alive and in my case meeting up with the Proton was marvelous.

Many of us who have had Proton treatment believe that as the new facilities come on-line the price could be adjusted by economic competition. If we can do this the door will open for men and women everywhere who should be able to take advantage of this remarkable technology.

Starting in July 1999 with a PSA of 15.7, on this day, January 22, 2012, my PSA is 0.1, as it has been for over ten years, and I am side effects free.

From my point of view, Protons are the first choice due to the reduced radiation inherent in the Proton application.

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