Is Emory Unaware of Proton Therapy?

Posted by Jay Rolls on April 28th, 2007 — Posted in General

Here’s a classic example of how the medical community continues to suppress information about Proton Therapy. Below a recent advertisement from Emory University’s Prostate Center:
It lists five primary methods of treatment (“but only one is right for you”): Radiation Therapy, Radical Prostatectomy, Cryotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Chemotherapy, and Watchful Waiting.
Absolutely no mention, even in passing, of Proton Therapy. Now there are two possibilities here. Either Emory is unaware of Proton treatment options (which I find highly unlikely), or they have purposely chosen to omit the fact that proton therapy is a viable option. At the least this is deceiving, but it borders on medical negligence. Why would Emory fail to mention protons? Because Emory can not provide proton therapy at their facilities, therefore they are not financially motivated to point it out as an option. In my mind, this is the number one reason why the spread of information on protons has progressed so slowly.

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