Teamwork at the MD Anderson Cancer Center

Posted by Jim Tuggey on April 4th, 2011 — Posted in General

From March 22 to March 24 my wife and I were in Houston, Texas and have discussed my Cancer with many Cancer experts at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in a most positive medical environment. The MDA team is amazing and up to date with information to use in 2011.

In the Cancer Center “New Patient” check in, Jan and I met the top surgeon, and a very sharp lady who asked me about all my medical history. The Head Radiology Doctor who examined me very thoroughly, looking at the cancer with a scope. He said that my Squamous cell can be treated with IMRT and Chemo and will take about 6 1/2 weeks.

The next day, I started at 6:30 AM preparing for a CT Scan and completed that with no eating from midnight the night before. Then they set me up for a PET Scan at 10:30 (by now I’m starving), over at Nuclear medicine, this involved putting a solution in my system and waiting for one hour before escorting me to a room where the upper torso and the head and neck were two separate parts of this scan.

The week beginning April 4th was all about setting up the Radiation Treatment Schedule and detailed review of every detail. The staff supporting each Oncology department in the Head & Neck Center is superb and knows how to handle all the myriad of problems they face every day.

So after this week of April 4th, I return on the 11th to begin my schedule to defeat this cancer, and I believe the very impressive staff and doctors that insures that the outcome will be successful.

Another bonus is the chance to talk to many people who are undergoing IMRT treatment right now.

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