Newt Gets it Wrong on Proton Treatment!

Posted by Jim Tuggey on October 1st, 2009 — Posted in General

There was a short clip in the Wall Street Journal in the past week wherein Mr. Newt Gingrich told about a desperate couple who found a new cure for their son’s disease. He said it was the Proton and then called it “Unproven”.

As of today that are about 60,000 people worldwide who could disagree but, since I don’t speak for them I can only state that I disagree and the People who have been treated with “Protons” at Loma Linda University and Medical Center’ Proton Center (LLUMC) alone, now number over 14,000.

The Proton is proven in my case and in the case of many other men and at least one woman I have spoken to who was cured of “Lung cancer” after three major medical centers had told her she had ninety days left on this earth. She told me that the last stop was at the Mayo Clinic where the Doctor there agreed that she had ninety days however, told her to check out LLUMC where they had a new system for treatment. She did and when she talked to me she said that was over five years ago.

So, I must assume that Mr. Gingrich asked about Protons and must have run into a Doctor who was selling something else. I remember one man who was successfully treated with Protons despite the fact that his Urologist called it “Witchcraft”.

More Proton centers in Tennessee, New Hampshire, and the United Kingdom are in the works. For your info, they have a low-energy proton center at the Clatterbridge Hospital that is limited as to the types of cancer they can treat.

Read “The Edge of Medicine” – you can order it at most booksellers and it starts with the Proton Center about to open in Philadelphia and goes on to the miracles of “Nano-technology” that are coming.

I am happy; I HAVE NO SIDE EFFECTS OVER ten years since treatment with Protons at LLUMC.

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